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Discover why Carpet Masters is the name to trust for carpet and upholstery cleaning when you read these testimonials by satisfied customers:

Valerie H.
Colton, CA

I have use Carpet Masters for years and they have always done an amazing job! They have clean my carpets and several time cleaned my furniture. My furniture takes a beating, between the kids, the dogs and especially my husband because of body sweat makes our furniture a mess. Carpet Masters always makes it look new! Recently I found they clean floor tile. I used their services and I forgot what color my tile actually was! I came home and was amazed how beautiful it looked. I recommend them highly!!!

Michelle C.
San Bernardino, CA

I can not say how impressed I was with the outcome of my severely soiled wool rugs. Carpet Masters took the time to make sure they looked brand new again. My dog is over 18 years old and has a hard making outside these days. The rugs looked so amazing no one know they were ever that bad. I am returning today for a second cleaning and will only trust carpet master to any cleaning in my home.

Tony C.
Highland, CA

We have a very large sectional. And with 4 kids and 5 dogs, it needed some TLC. I approached carpet masters with the initial intent of reupholstering the sectional. When they gave Me the price, it was almost like having to buy a whole new couch. Dick, who was the owner, was very polite and detailed when explaining the products and different services they offer. We finally decided to get the sectional cleaned. OMG!! when it retired, it was like a whole new couch! No spots, they cleaned the throw pillows and repaired the small hole in the arm rest. We were so thrilled , we sent our living room furniture to them when they left.

Kudos to Carpet Masters in San Bernardino! I definitely recommend them!

Kay L.
San Bernardino, CA

These guys are awesome. My sister used them to clean my loveseat when I gave it to her and it was $100 which was a tan, microfiber, large love seat. It had years of dirt and cat hair on it. These guys picked up the couch from my apartment and delivered it to her new place a few days later. When I saw it, it looked brand new! Of course when I needed my couch cleaned (matching couch) I called them. The guy on the phone was really nice, asked a lot of questions and answered all of mine. He gave me a price and said it may be less, but it won’t go over $150. He let me know that they can’t return it in less than a few days because they had to clean it multiple times which the couch would need time to dry each time. So, I thought about it since I could find someone to come out to the house and do it for cheaper but they’d just be cleaning it once and they wouldn’t be delivering it to my new place. Just the delivery and then drop off of a couch would run $100. I like that they have a factory/warehouse thing where they take the furniture. Much better than someone who comes out with a machine. Anyway, the guys who came to get the couch were awesome. The owner called me the next day about a repair I had inquired about and explained the process in detail. I chose not to repair it at that time because I couldn’t afford it but I didn’t feel like he was trying to get over on me. So, a few days later they dropped off the couch and the guys were pleasant again. The couch looked amazing. The pillows were a lot more stiff which was good because, before, it felt like they were super flimsy. Oh yeah, they cleaned the 5 accent pillows as well. Anyway, I was very pleased. $150 is a lot of $ to me, but it sure beats buying a new couch!