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Carpet Masters has been selling carpet and other fine flooring options to our customers throughout the Inland Empire for over 45 years. When we began, there was only 2 options – Wool & Cotton carpets.

Carpet Masters – Quality & Service Has Been In Our DNA Since 1958

Carpet Masters has been selling carpet and other fine flooring options to our customers throughout the Inland Empire for over 45 years. When we began, there were only 2 options – Wool & Cotton carpets. Now there are several more options including polyester & nylon. Through our many years of experience, we have learned that some carpets are better than others and we strive to only offer the best available options of carpet for your home and business needs. We believe that when buying flooring, there are three things to always consider:1. Look for very tight woven yarn in the choice of carpet you make.2. Only accept at least a 6lbs. pad under your carpet.3. Ensure that whoever installs the pad & carpet – is POWER STRETCHED, as this will prevent your carpet from “wrinkling” over the years of wear. When you purchase a high-quality carpet, it really is not how long the carpet will last before wearing out, it really is about how long it will look good on your floor. Most people will replace the carpet for decorating purposes way before it actually wears out. New Flooring Sales. As licensed flooring contractors since 1969, Carpet Masters offers a wide selection of the finest flooring products. Whether you are on a budget or are seeking the finest flooring material, we have what you want. For carpet, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate, we are your one-stop shop!

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