The Best Upholstery Cleaning Riverside CA Has to Offer

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We are your one-stop shop when it comes to home carpet, rug, curtain, and upholstery cleaning! Riverside has many options when it comes to local Riverside upholstery cleaning. With over 53 years of exceptional experience, we are proud to say we are hands down the best when it comes to disinfecting your home’s finest fabrics. If your couch is looking a little dingy, we are here to help! Our upholstery cleaning Riverside technicians use the safest and most successful techniques for the absolute best upholstery cleaning. You can rest assured your furniture’s fabrics will be carefully disinfected, and come out looking completely brand new! For the deepest clean your furniture has ever seen, you’ll want to choose our Riverside CA upholstery cleaning team.

A Riverside CA Upholstery Cleaning That Works

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We get it, with a home full of kids and pets, it’s easy for your furniture to attract splashes of spilled beverages and other unfavorable smudges. Let us provide you with the most amazing upholstery cleaning Riverside CA has to offer. We remove dirt and other stains with our non-toxic techniques while leaving your upholstery protected from future spills. It’s time to remove those years old stains out of your furniture with the help of Carpet Master’s knowledgeable upholstery cleaning Riverside technicians. Materials can respond differently to various cleaning methods, and our staff has the most experience working with various fine fabrics such as wool, microsuede, silk, leather, cotton, and more! We adjust our cleaning methods accordingly, making sure your upholstery is properly cared for. Our upholstery cleaning Riverside service even includes filling any chips, dents, or holes in your furniture, and then sanding them down for a smooth and pristine finished product. These are just some of the reasons we are rated top in Riverside, CA upholstery cleaning.

An Upholstery Cleaning Riverside That Exceeds Expectations

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We are here to cover all Riverside CA upholstery cleaning needs, as well as other surrounding cities. We promise you’ll hardly recognize your spotless upholstered furniture after our technicians get through removing all the dust, debris, and stains from your fine fabrics. Our upholstery cleaning Riverside team specializes in removing even the toughest stains, especially such stains brought on by oils, pets, and hair, removing stubborn odors, leaving your furniture fresh and clean. For the best quality upholstery cleaning in Riverside, call (909)-889-2689, and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members today.