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Are you in need of furniture repair in Riverside? Carpet Masters can help! They have all the right tools and equipment in their workshop to give you the best results at the best prices. Don't try to reupholster that couch yourself. Let Carpet Masters handle the hard work with the skill and professionalism of a well-seasoned expert. Furniture repair in San Bernardino has never been better.

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Call Carpet Masters for the finest in expert quality furniture cleaning and repairs. When you need furniture repair in Riverside, California, you know who to call. Carpet Masters has the top-of-the-line equipment and experience to give you the best furniture restoration service anywhere. Carpet Masters offers both in-home and workshop cleaning options. You don't even need to deliver your furniture. They will pick it up for you, clean, repair, and restore it, and then deliver it back to your home. You'll fall in love with your furniture all over again!

It's furniture repair in Riverside made easy! Carpet Masters also offer competitive pricing for their services! We're sure you'll be another satisfied customer when you see your beautiful furniture restored to its full potential! They offer so much more than upholstery cleaning as well. They will sand, repair, paint, or stain the wood parts. Carpet Masters will do whatever it takes to restore your furniture to its former glory. They will even replace or repair any damaged internal mechanical parts. You really just can't beat the value of Carpet Masters furniture repair in Riverside.

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When it comes down to it, you'll find that the best furniture repair in Riverside is done by Carpet Masters. You just can't beat what they offer. Between their competitive prices and their pickup and delivery options, you can be sure that they are beating the competition. Your furniture is in good hands with Carpet Masters. Whether you need your furniture polished, stained, cleaned, or reupholstered, Carpet Masters can handle it with the care, quality, and professionalism that you and your prized furniture deserve. You deserve Carpet Masters and the best furniture repair in San Bernardino. Stop by our office and speak to one of our friendly experts. Because when you need furniture repair in Riverside, you know who to turn to. Treat your furniture to the best restoration service. Call us today for an estimate! (909) 889-2689