Furniture Repair & Upholstery

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Carpet Masters Complete Interior Solutions has also extended our services to furniture repair and upholstery! We wanted to be able to stand out from other companies while still providing great service. Plus, we felt that this service would complement your home, alongside the carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and flooring services that we provide!

Both the re-upholstery processes can be quite tricky and challenging. Let us take the stress and headache out of the process for you. Our technicians are backed with in-depth experience and would love to give new life to your furniture!

Restoring and Reupholstering

We strive to be efficient in this area and provide the best furniture restoration service in the Inland Empire! To start, we remove existing fabric from your furniture, we retie the springs and do any repairs that are necessary, re-pad the back and arms, then we restart the covering process. In the recovering process, we replace the cushion foam as necessary an when we complete these processes you will have a custom built sofa or chair that will last you many years.

Upholltery Cleaning

Unique cleaning methods are applied to the furniture based on its material. Each material responds differently to how it is cleaned and if any chemicals are used. We have the expertise in knowing the proper methods for each material. Next, any holes, cracks, dents or chips are filled to give it that complete feel. The furniture is then sanded if necessary to provide an even surface to your furniture.

It is finally re-touched, along with the repairs that were made, to give it that new or natural look that your furniture deserves. Last, if any replacement parts are necessary, those are applied within the reassembly or restoration process.

Upholstery and New Fabrics

Due to the condition of some furniture, it’s best not to re-upholster because the furniture may have a short lifespan. In some cases, it’s best not to apply new fabrics. We’ll inspect this first and give you our honest opinion.

Part of making this easier is having the best tools for the job. We have these already, so let us save you some time by using our professional methods.

To start, we’ll remove the existing fabric from your furniture in a careful manner. We want to maintain the condition of your furniture, just like you. The furniture is then cleaned to remove any extraneous dirt or dust that was covered by the old fabric. We’ll also apply some re-touching methods or make some repairs if necessary before taking the next step.

All fabrics that are used in this process are precisely measured and cut to fit. When that’s ready, we’ll firmly fasten the new fabric to your current furniture, so that it looks good and feels good! Last, like all of our other jobs, we’ll check with you to make sure that we’ve done a great job and that you’re happy with our services!

More About Us

Carpet Masters originally started as a carpet cleaning service back in 1958 and began serving San Bernardino and its surrounding areas during that time. As we’ve grown, so have our services, team members, knowledge, and experience.

We’ve been in business for over 50 years and would like to keep going. Let us provide our unmatched carpet cleaning, flooring, area rug cleaning and other services to you!

Don’t forget; we’ve been serving the Inland Empire during this time. If you’re in the Inland Empire and you’re looking to have your carpets or furniture cleaned so that you and your family can enjoy them once again, reach out to us!

We are more than happy to serve you!

Or if you’re in the area, feel free to come in and say hello! Carpet Maters Complete Interior Solutions Inc. is located at 649 S. Waterman Avenue in San Bernardino. If you’d like to reach us by phone, please call (909) 889-2689.