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Not only are we the best in professional carpet cleaning in San Bernardino, but we also offer the best professional drapery cleaning. Our unique drapery cleaning service will leave your drapes the brightest and cleanest they’ve ever been. Our technicians do a careful job of removing the drapes, cleaning them, and putting them back up again. During a routine drapery cleaning, our technicians also provide repairs on hardware that may have come loose, and this is all included in one price! We like to go above and beyond for our customers, making sure no screw is left unturned. We are ready to provide you with the most efficient drapery cleaning and rehanging service your home deserves.

We Provide Proper Drapery Cleaning and Sanitation

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We have over 50 years of experience cleaning many types of fabrics and furniture. Now more than ever, we know how important it is to have a clean kept house, and we want to help you get into all those hard-to-reach areas. If you are looking for “drapery cleaning near me,” look no further than our friendly staff and technicians here at Carpet Cleaners. We have state-of-the-art equipment and tools to properly clean fabric, and give them a true disinfecting treatment. Your drapes will look good as new, and the best part is that we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning solutions to clean your curtains thoroughly. Our method is tried and true while keeping your family members and pets safe from harmful chemicals. We guarantee we have the experience and care necessary to provide you with an exceptional drapery cleaning.

Looking for Drapery Cleaning Near Me? We have you covered!

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We are your one-stop shop for home fabric cleaning, especially if you are looking for “drapery cleaning near me”. It is important to have a proper drapery cleaning regularly. Even though your drapes may not appear dirty, oily atmospheric soil may be building up from your heating system, or other causes, that may not be visible right away. This invisible soil could potentially cause deterioration of the fabric over time. This is why a routine drapery cleaning is so important when it comes to the preservation of your drapes over time. You could triple the life of your drapes with a professional drapery cleaning. Next time you search “drapery cleaning service near me,” be sure to give us a call at (909)-889-2689. We will have your drapes cleaned in no time!