Area Rug Cleaning

Our Specialty is area rug cleaning, too! Our technicians bring your loose rugs into our modern plant and then hang them in our modern drying room use the same, safe and environmentally friendly methods that are used for our other cleaning procedures. Carpet Masters Complete Interior Solutions does this to provide the highest quality area rug cleaning in the Inland Empire.

Normal Wear and Tear

Over time and use, your area rug can be covered with dirt, dust, germs and other debris. Whether you have a large family at home, dogs, or frequent visitors, this can wear down your rug. Even if it looks clean or has been cleaned using the standard cleaning methods, there may end up being more debris that must be removed from your rug.

That’s where we come in. Let us handle cleaning your area rug thoroughly!

Our Special Methods

Our methods are unique. We have a special drying room for your rugs at our facility in San Bernardino, CA., rugs are brought into our modern plant and dried in our climate controlled drying room. Our drying racks are located in a special room that’s temperature controlled to provide even drying methods throughout your rug. This type of process allows your rugs to have a longer life as well.

We have extensive experience with many types of rugs, including cleaning Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Indian Rugs, and Chinese Rugs. If you have these kinds of rugs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

If you’d like to see photos of our drying racks, please visit the “Gallery” section of our website.

Quality and Service You Can Trust

Our family-owned company has been in the Interior Solutions industry for over 50 years. We’ve been fortunate in serving San Bernardino, CA and its surrounding areas since 1958! We have also been fortunate in serving other areas of the Inland Empire with their in-home, carpet and other cleaning services. These are people, just like you, whom we are thankful for and have requested our excellent carpet cleaning services.


Contact us today with your special area rug cleaning needs and let us provide our 50 plus years experience to you!